Workshop - Adrian & Anita, 2011 MalagaThe first Salsa congress in Malaga was a stunning success! Based in the huge Hotel Polynesia of the Holidayworld-Complex in Benalmadena, we had lots of workshopclasses with some of the best teachers one could imagine!

Here you find some of the best workshopvideos. Have fun!




Made in Malaga:

One of the nicest performances by the people of Malaga!


Workshops/ Talleres - Rumba Latina Festival 2011 - Salsavideos

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - Tropical Jam WS Salsa 1

Adrian called them in 2012 the best Salsaperformers at the moment. While I still find it difficult to meassure this, I still can say, taht this was a really cool workshop and they showed as a hell of performance an night!

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - Bersy/ Bersaidy Cortez & Fadi Hamdan 1 - Fusion Style- Erklärungen (Bersystyle & Fadi Fusion)

Two of the best dancers untied in one class. Salsa at it's best!

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - Adrian & Anita - Show WS

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - Adrian & Anita WS/ Taller

There is not very much new, I can tell you about them. They are simply the best :-)
Best moves, creatve leading, highly advanced Salsatechnics and of couse lots of fun during the classes.
Whenever you have the chance participating in their classes, do so. Their schol is in Barcelona!

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - Maikel Fonts - Orishas

Impressing Maikel never tires to teach the cuban art of dancing. Dancing Orishas with him is always one of the highlights of the congress.
The hypnotizing beat and the spiritual character of the Orishas kept everybody stuned!

Rumba-Latina 2011, Malaga Salsa Congress - c - Workshop Salsa on 1

From Malaga and Madrid, my personal favorite 2011. Salsa like it should be!

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