Maykel Fonts in Malaga 2011Here some Workshop-Videos from Malaga Salsacongress 2012. This was Malagas second Congress and the last in October. It startet again in 2014 with a new name "life". I liked the first two congresses very much, organised by Mari and Julio Volcan.

I filmed a lot, because of the high level of the audience the workshops were mostly also at a really high level.
have fun with the videos:



Adrian and Anita from Barcelona:

What is there more to add? They are soooo good, simply the best. And of course good friends of the people from Malaga!
They have been Salsa-Worldchampions more than once and get never out of new creative ideas for new turns and movements!
Think about, how hard it is, just to find one new turn in Salsa, yet they surprise us year by year!

Tropical Jam:

Defenitly highly advanced Salsa with really creativ technics. If you like modern Salsa, you will appreciate their modern, fusionstyle approach!

Gaby and Estefi:

Like last year, also this time it was a brilliant Workshop with lots of fun and very danceable Salsa.
I find their fresh style surprinsingly attractive to view and enjoy very much the quick acess they give even to complex turnpatterns!

Alex Muevete:

I came just to his class, because I was asked by a friend... and If I hadn't I would have missed a lot!
This guy is not only the crazyiest teacher I ever have know, he is also a very rich resource of good and sensual Bachatamovements.
Under his really funny surface and really good jokes you will discover a creative and well prepared teacher!

Full Project:

What need I to say? We love the really nice and sympathic guys from italy :-)
Ragazzi, siete grande - viva Italia!

Maikel Fonts - Orishas:

Corporal expression, hypnotic rhythems - simply Orishas and its best!

Domenican Power:

Early in the morning, a very well prepared team with a really good workshop. Look at them, they are amazing!
They even forgot the time... Nobody from the hundreds of people in the room recognized that they were performing and teaching 90 Minutes :-)
One of the best clases this year!!

Pablito Y Su Mezcla Latina:

Footwork and good bodywork! The class was real fun!

Fadi Fusion:

Fadi, the best international export from Malaga! Apart from being a generous and very nice guy, he is well known on congresses all over the world, he is also worldchampion in Pasos libres in 2012.

Check out his precise footwork and the musical precision he is showing and teaching. His classes in Malaga and all over the world are always very rich and show big diversity.

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